Simple Meditation Techniques

Meditation helps us quiet our mind and relax our bodies. Simple meditation techniques which anyone can use easily at home are just as beneficial as the complicated rituals sometimes taught.

Its not necessary to contort your body into knots or sit uncomfortably in the middle of a damp field chanting Om (unless you want to of course). What is important is that you find a space to clear your mind of the busy chatter, worry and yes even excitement of the day.

Upping your buzz requires that you find a way to release the negative energy. These simple meditation techniques can help you do this.

Clear a space

This is a basic simple meditation technique:

  • Find a place to sit comfortably. In a chair or on the floor which ever is most comfortable for you.
  • Sit up straight
  • Start to breathe evenly and just focus on breathing as slowly as is comfortable with the same number of breaths in as out
  • Scan your body with your mind. Start at your head and work down. If you find a spot which feels tense place focus on it and will it to relax. You can try “arm relax” if you want.

If this is all you want to do at least initially then this is fine. Start with two to three minutes and lengthen over time.

If it helps you to relax better, use a timer so you are not thinking about what time it is.

Pick up your energy level

If you are feeling low adding this simple meditation technique can help quite quickly.

  • Once you are breathing evenly as described above change the pattern:
  • The inward breath is 2 short inhales together.
  • The outward breath is 1 long exhale.

If you do this for several minutes you should will feel lighter and more energetic.

You can do this simple breathing technique at any time during the day if you need a boost. Try it – it really helps me.

Calm your anxiety

If you are feeling nervous or anxious or even excited using this simple meditation technique can quickly bring a sense of peace and calm.

  • Once you are breathing evenly as described above change the pattern:
  • On the inhale count 3 and pause briefly.
  • On the exhale count 6 and pause briefly. You can modify this to pause briefly at count 3 if you wish.
  • Focus your attention on the pauses.

Overtime you may start to feel a deep calm and sense of infinity in the pauses. In the immediate term you should feel much calmer.

Stop the thoughts

If you find you keep being interrupted by nagging thoughts and worries, find a word which you can use to push them away temporarily. It’s a bit like drowning them out. The word itself needs to be positive for you,  but one which you can repeat without too much emotion welling up. This is one place OM might come in use!

  • Release
  • Peace
  • Calm
  • Shhhhhh
  • Relax

The key is to focus on repeating the word until the intrusive thought goes away and you can go back to focussing on the breathing.

I find this much easier than trying to just let my thoughts go. My thoughts are champion naggers and they don’t just let go without a bit of a tussle.

Visualising the light

For some added buzz try this one:

  • As you breathe in visualise the 7 colours of the spectrum running up the front of your body. These are also described as chakras or energy centres in some philosophies.
    • Red at the base of your spine flowing to
    • Orange at your navel flowing to
    • Yellow at your solar plexus flowing to
    • Green at your heart flowing to
    • Blue at your throat flowing to
    • Indigo at your third eye (mid forehead) flowing to
    • Violet at your crown
  • On the exhale visualise a golden light running down your spine (thinking fizzy champagne, and if you get drunk – well…)

You don’t need to believe in chakras or energy centres if you don’t want to. My view is that this works because colour has vibration. By visualising and “feeling” the colours you align with the vibration in some way. A full colour spectrum is harmonious so in aligning with it you become harmonious.

If you can do this for 10 minutes or more you will feel lighter and more centred. It may take some practice especially if you were like me in the beginning and felt a bit foolish You have to get past that bit first (Top tip – no one knows what you are visualising).

Taoist Healing Sounds

Taoist healing sounds are a set of  short videos I recommend if you want to explore some other simple meditation techniques based on Taoist teachings. Stephen Russell the Barefoot Doctor has put these together and you can follow them easily and they really do upurbuzz!








Recently there was the astounding news that CERN (the Swiss physics lab) had clocked some neutrinos (what ??) going faster than the speed of light. Now this violates Mr Einstein’s law of special relativity (for those like me who were not quite paying attention that day – just take their word for it). Rather than issue a ticket – CERN has asked other institutions to check the results and try to repeat the  crime result.

The news caused a Mr. Gokhale to post on Jonathan Cainer’s site:

In the year 1956 Dr. Sudarshan and Dr. V. K. Deshapande, Indian Scientists, had published a paper on particles travelling at a speed faster than that of the light. They had named it ‘taucheon’. I am happy to inform all that Indian scientists had done very good research on the energy waves in the universe. The research was done in the year 5000 to 7000 bc.

I wrote to him to find out more and he stated that ancient Sanskrit texts talk about 7 types of waves one if which is Manojavaa – one that travels at a speed of the mind.

The wikipedia has a page on  Tachyon which explains this far better than I but the point which caught my eye was:

One curious effect is that, unlike ordinary particles, the speed of a tachyon increases as its energy decreases

This has made me really think (yes I know I know you wondered what the noise was).

The principles that we follow to manifest our dreams or get what we really want involve visualising and really feeling and giving energy to the dream. Make it real and make it now. We also know that we need to detach and let go of the outcome to see it manifest.

Does this mean to “create” you need to give it form by feeding it energy.

Once created though do we need to let it go, not give up as that is negative, but release the energy so it can come to us ?

Just the thoughts buzzing about my head at the moment – but I wonder…..