Creating Your Life Your Way

The art of creating your life your way is simply putting your positive energy into your dreams while releasing any negative energy drag you are adding.

The concept was popularised in recent years  by the film “The Secret”.  These concepts lie behind Mike Dooley’s “Thoughts become Things Choose Wisely” and Wayne Dyer’s “You will see it when you believe it”.

Mike Dooley and Wayne Dyer are just two of the modern masters who have tried to help people understand the concepts and integrate the practice into their lives.

The concepts explain why some people seem to achieve their goals easily while others seem to struggle and get nowhere despite putting in hard work.

The underlying ideas are ancient and their footprints can be seen in many religious and philosophical texts and practices.

Creating your life your way

  • Decide what it is that you really want to have or to to be in your life
  • Visualise yourself having  that which you really want
  • Feel  you have what you want now and give it real energy
  • Release any doubts  that you can have what you really want
  • Take action, even small steps
  • Detach from the outcome

Your buzz

Your buzz is your internal energy or your vibration. When you are full of positive energy about your goal and have released all the negative energy you will feel a real buzz and an unbreakable connection to your goal. When you take acti0n, even small steps, it reinforces the inevitability of achieving your goal and you feed your buzz. When you release doubts and old beliefs that act as a drag on your positive energy you feed your buzz.

The Art

The art of creating your life your way therefore is to up your buzz by feeding the positive energy and releasing the negative energy.

This concept is simple but can be difficult to practice consistently. Releasing the negative energy, the doubts and the limiting beliefs we all carry with us can be a challenge especially as much of it is subconscious or ingrained. A common mistake is to focus on finding and eliminating the negatives. By focussing on the negatives you in fact attract more of the same. The art of creating your life your way therefore requires you to  release the negatives without giving them focus or energy. Focus instead on feeding that positive buzz.



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