Now eat your peas please

I often make reference to an eat your peas moment or point so I thought perhaps I’d offer up a bit of an explanation – apologies in advance to all you pea fans out there.

An eat your peas moment or point is one of those things that you supposedly do because it is good for you or because you should do it not because you want to or it brings you pleasure.

Now this site is all about learning the art of getting what you really want, creating your life your way and manifesting your dreams. That means to me not having to eat my peas!

When I was 10 I was sat at the kitchen table long after supper was supposed to be over staring down a plate full of peas. My mother was quite prepared for me to sit there until I finally gave in and ate the hated green pebbles. I had a brain wave though…. “Mum”, I said. “What about if I just eat the round ones?”. My mother, who by now was getting very tired of the stand-off, agreed. I then promptly mashed my peas. My mother, trying to look decidedly unamused and failing, let me leave the table.

Often masters of the art ancient or modern suggest techniques or activities that feel a lot like I feel being made to eat peas or feel like they are designed to keep you where you are and getting your to just learn to like it.

  • Being grateful
  • Counting your blessings

I think though these are wrongly interpreted. They are suggested as ways to  make you feel good – for upping your energy, not for making you like what you aren’t happy with. So give it a different slant – find something to be grateful for or count the blessings in your life, not so that you stay stuck  where you are now but so you can experience the buzz.

An eat your peas moment or point is one where having to eat it up so to speak at face value isn’t very nice; but, by changing perspective you maybe able to make it into something to your advantage.

Never eat peas when you can mash them instead!

And for all you pea fans out there – just let me know where I send them.





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