Moving to Australia

When I was in my late 20s I decided I really wanted to move to Australia.

I checked out how to do this and realised I would never qualify under their points system directly. I would have to find another way.

I visualised myself living in Australia. I read countless books and magazines and imagined myself there. I listened to Australian rock bands and watched Australian movies. If I could have developed the accent I would have done that too.

I researched jobs. I travelled to Toronto (about an hour and half away) and went to the consulate to look up past copies of the Australian newspaper, to find agencies which hired people like me. I wrote letters.

Still nothing.

I finally concluded it was not meant to be.

Although I was disappointed, I was quite stoical about it, and decided I needed to focus on a new goal instead….

….and a few weeks later in my local paper was a very large advertisement for people to go to Australia to do exactly what I did. They would pay the moving costs, provide me an apartment to start with as well as provide me the job!

I spent 7 happy years living there.

This all occurred before I had ever heard of manifesting change or creating your life your way through the power of your mind or visualisations etc. but it followed the steps:

  • I decided what I really wanted
  • I visualised it in details and gave it energy
  • I saw and felt myself there
  • I took every action I could think of
  • I detached from it and let it go
  • It then came back to me

The detaching from it and letting it go without negativity I believe is an important step in manifesting  your dreams every bit as important as visualising with energy and feeling.






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