Raise Your Vibration Using Simple Methods

Raise your vibration

The key to learning how to manifest – Raise your vibration


One key step in learning how to manifest is to raise your vibration. Your vibration, or your buzz, reflects your inner state and is key to attracting what you want to manifest. We all know how it feels to be happy or joyous or even blissful. The trick is to be able to generate these states at will and to keep yourself in this state for as long as you can.



Raise your vibration and keep it high

Try using these simple techniques:

1. Meditation – Meditation will cause your vibration level to increase and you will begin to feel much more focused and at peace.
2. Do things you love – When you do something that you love to do don’t you just feel exuberant inside?
3. Be out in Nature – Have you ever just sat by the ocean, in the woods, or somewhere out in nature and instantly felt your spirit begin to soar?
4. Be active – Get the blood flowing!
5. Be generous – By giving you are raising your vibration level and attracting goodness back to you
6. Read inspirational and motivational books or listen to CDs – To increase vibration levels it is helpful to read books that will encourage and challenge you to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I first read this list on wakuptimes.com which seems to have stopped publishing – for other good tips try their facebook page WakeUpTimes.

You can and will manifest at any vibrational level whether your want to or not. When your vibrations are low you will attract things which resonate with low or negative energies.  So try to be aware of your internal state as much as you can and if you need a quick fix try one of the methods described in the article. Raise your vibration and keep your vibrations as high as possible.


Andy Dooley asks “Who Closed My Door?”


Hey – Opportunity forget to knock ?


Have you been working on a new goal only to see it seemingly slip from your grasp ?

Are you a diligent follower of the Law of Attraction ?

  • Visualising daily
  • Raising your vibration
  • Following your intuition
  • Taking actions whenever they appear

…..and then just when the right opportunity seems to be almost within your grasp – it slips away ?

Fear not Andy Dooley has just the tonic to keep you on your path.

Guaranteed to brighten up the moment!

Check out his video below to find out just what the universe might be playing at:


Don’t be low let Andy raise your vibration

It’s more important than ever when the door seems to have closed to keep your vibration high. It is easy to feel disappointment and be sad especially if you have worked really hard to manifest your goal.  See the door closing as the universe telling you something better is on its way. Take inspiration from that promise.

If you need a boost come back and visit Andy Dooley whenever you need to raise your vibration and up that inner buzz of yours.