Do you know what you really want ?

It’s quite easy to rattle off a list of stuff that we want.

Sometimes we get really lazy and just decide we want lots of money so when we decide we want stuff it will be available.
Money after all is not anything – it is just a medium of exchange (yes but very useful to have around all the same thanks muchly)

But what happens when we get all the stuff ? No no no not more eat your peas I promise.

We usually want more stuff …. because stuff was not what we wanted.  Its a bit like really wanting a good meal and filling up on empty calories. Good in the nano second it goes down but you want more soon after.

We usually want some material item to get some feeling or other.

Let’s say you want a bright red brand new Ferrari. Why ?

  • To get you from A to B ?
  • To make you look good in front of your friends ?
  • To say something to the world about who you  are ?
  • To feel the power of the engine ?

Why ?

And then when you figure out all the whys, ask why again of each of these reasons.

Eventually you will get to a set of completely pragmatic reasons or a set of feelings you wish to experience or have.

In both cases a shiny red Ferrari is seemingly a means to that end.

For the pragmatic reasons you could likely achieve the same result in a number of different ways (Taxi ??).

For the set of feelings – there are many routes to the same place. It may be that even if you owned the red shiny Ferrari you would not achieve the feelings you are after, you’d just find more stuff you needed.

So work out what it is you really want and then focus on getting it – the routes to getting there are endless – even when all you can see today is just one.



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