Barefoot Doctor – SFW Live

I am attending the School for Warriors Live workshop in Islington this weekend.

Basically it is a live teaching of the online School for Sarriors course which teaches taoist principles. It is taught by Stephen Russell who is known as the Barefoot Doctor. Stephen teaches Taoism for busy people. I would go further and say he teaches Taoism for normal 21st century urbanites like me. He teaches you can practice the Tao without needing to give up your 21st century lifestyle (so yup still eat meat and drink alcohol). To quote the course introduction

The practice of Taoism, its more arcane aspects aside, essentially hinges around two main pillars: the establishment of an unassailably centred, balanced, adaptable, resilient and empowered state, and the development of chi.

You can’t start effectively developing chi until you have your internal power base set up. But after the SFW 1 portion of the course you are able to begin the exhilarating process of accessing, developing, harnessing and focusing chi.

Chi is psychoactive energy or vitality. By a combination of mental focus, breath and attuning to the intrinsic inner flow, you’ll be learning to activate chi.

This to me is where the Buzz comes from.

Yesterday we went through several breathing techniques which really do up your buzz – fast. One involves 2 short sniffs, followed by a long exhale. After about 10 of this we felt great. This one is good for when you are feeling low or melancholy. Not so good if you are feeling nervous or edgy as it revs you up rather than calms you down.

We also went through a set of  exercises combined with specific sounds which focsused on  particular parts of the body and brain. They very quickly made you feel much more energised. Stephen states even just 4 minutes a day will make a difference. Now this is a practice I could fit into my day!

One of the points Stephen made is that the way of the warrior is just one of many many paths you can take to get to the same place. You need to find the one which resonates with you and works for you – otherwise it just becomes so much eat your peas please.

Another point of discussion was the benefit of chi in manifesting your dreams. The interesting discussion point was how much of what we try to manifest and manifest successfully is directed by us and how much is destiny.  If you can accept that linear time is an illusion it becomes more possible to accept that – that which you are seeking to manifest  is already occurring as all things occur in parallel. If that is true then the energy you bring to bear on a dream is happening in real time or right now – even if you only see it in a future point in time.

This then led me to wonder – how much of what we feel we really really want is actually what is destined and is that why it resonates so loudly with us or feels so right ?

Let’s see what Day 2 brings.









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