Do you know what you really want ?

It’s quite easy to rattle off a list of stuff that we want.

Sometimes we get really lazy and just decide we want lots of money so when we decide we want stuff it will be available.
Money after all is not anything – it is just a medium of exchange (yes but very useful to have around all the same thanks muchly)

But what happens when we get all the stuff ? No no no not more eat your peas I promise.

We usually want more stuff …. because stuff was not what we wanted.  Its a bit like really wanting a good meal and filling up on empty calories. Good in the nano second it goes down but you want more soon after.

We usually want some material item to get some feeling or other.

Let’s say you want a bright red brand new Ferrari. Why ?

  • To get you from A to B ?
  • To make you look good in front of your friends ?
  • To say something to the world about who you  are ?
  • To feel the power of the engine ?

Why ?

And then when you figure out all the whys, ask why again of each of these reasons.

Eventually you will get to a set of completely pragmatic reasons or a set of feelings you wish to experience or have.

In both cases a shiny red Ferrari is seemingly a means to that end.

For the pragmatic reasons you could likely achieve the same result in a number of different ways (Taxi ??).

For the set of feelings – there are many routes to the same place. It may be that even if you owned the red shiny Ferrari you would not achieve the feelings you are after, you’d just find more stuff you needed.

So work out what it is you really want and then focus on getting it – the routes to getting there are endless – even when all you can see today is just one.



Up your buzz ?

Buzz – what is that ?

Buzz is that internal feeling you get when all is ok with life and everything is going your way. You know the feeling – it’s the perfect sunny day, you’re walking on air for no particular reason and you just know its going to be a great day.  At least that is how it always feels to me.

Another term for this is being in flow with the universe, but that always makes it sound far too cosmic and makes me feel I should be sitting in the middle of a field repeating OM mantras. Besides Buzzed is exactly how it feels.

Buzz and getting what you want

Getting the Buzz puts you in the right frame of mind for manifesting your dreams.

You get the Buzz when you’re full of positive energy and have released (or are at least keeping temporarily at bay) all the negative energy. The art of getting what you want (i.e. creating your life your way) requires the application of positive energy to your goal while releasing of all the negative energies.

Up your Buzz

So then upping your buzz is simply about  increasing the positive energy and releasing the negative energy.

Simple tips for increasing positive energy:

  • Go for a walk in a beautiful setting
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Read an inspiring book
  • Treat yourself to a massage
  • Fill your house uplifting essential oils
  • Find something (anything!) to be grateful for
  • Visualise the perfect outcome of your dream

Simple tips for releasing negative energy:

  • Do not focus on whatever the negative point is
  • Let it go for just one hour (give yourself full permission to come back to it later)
  • Find affirmations which accentuate the reverse and which you can accept

In releasing the negative it is critical not to focus on the negative energy but to allow it to be released. A bit like leaving the window open to let the stale air out. Focus instead on the reverse as long as it is internally believable to you; otherwise, all you will do is set up a reinforcing subconscious chatter. The trick is to allow it to go rather than try to push it away.

The best way to up your buzz then is to focus on the positive and allow the release of the negative.


Creating Your Life Your Way

The art of creating your life your way is simply putting your positive energy into your dreams while releasing any negative energy drag you are adding.

The concept was popularised in recent years  by the film “The Secret”.  These concepts lie behind Mike Dooley’s “Thoughts become Things Choose Wisely” and Wayne Dyer’s “You will see it when you believe it”.

Mike Dooley and Wayne Dyer are just two of the modern masters who have tried to help people understand the concepts and integrate the practice into their lives.

The concepts explain why some people seem to achieve their goals easily while others seem to struggle and get nowhere despite putting in hard work.

The underlying ideas are ancient and their footprints can be seen in many religious and philosophical texts and practices.

Creating your life your way

  • Decide what it is that you really want to have or to to be in your life
  • Visualise yourself having  that which you really want
  • Feel  you have what you want now and give it real energy
  • Release any doubts  that you can have what you really want
  • Take action, even small steps
  • Detach from the outcome

Your buzz

Your buzz is your internal energy or your vibration. When you are full of positive energy about your goal and have released all the negative energy you will feel a real buzz and an unbreakable connection to your goal. When you take acti0n, even small steps, it reinforces the inevitability of achieving your goal and you feed your buzz. When you release doubts and old beliefs that act as a drag on your positive energy you feed your buzz.

The Art

The art of creating your life your way therefore is to up your buzz by feeding the positive energy and releasing the negative energy.

This concept is simple but can be difficult to practice consistently. Releasing the negative energy, the doubts and the limiting beliefs we all carry with us can be a challenge especially as much of it is subconscious or ingrained. A common mistake is to focus on finding and eliminating the negatives. By focussing on the negatives you in fact attract more of the same. The art of creating your life your way therefore requires you to  release the negatives without giving them focus or energy. Focus instead on feeding that positive buzz.