A collection of ideas, experiences and conversations exploring how to successfully create the life you really want to have.

I am interested in understanding how and why some people can achieve their goals and successfully create the life they want with seeming ease while others try apparently the same techniques and don’t succeed.

What works and what doesn’t and more importantly why.

Many of the ideas are rooted in ancient cultures and traditions. I like exploring what these ideas really meant and what science of today can really help us understand.

Much has been written in recent years about the Law of Attraction and How to Manifest. Some of it seems like magic or the paranormal.  I don’t believe it is magic at all but is rooted in rational cause and effect that we can fully understand today with a little bit of rational cause and effect that we have yet to properly understand.

In my view your vibration or “buzz” is central to these making these techniques work. Many social, philosophical and self-help practices are in fact designed to help you raise your vibration and improve the internal energy level you operate from.  The phrase you will often hear is it is important to be “in flow”. Well just how do you get there ?

The difficulty arises because what works for one person does not resonate as effectively with someone else; each of us has our own unique buzz. Add in the distortions which get applied for one historical reason or another and you end up with a fairly confusing mix to choose from.

Your constructive comments to the posts are very welcome.

Ideas breed ideas.